Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sweet moment..

I love you.
I love who you are.
I love who I am
when I'm with you.
I love what we are
when we're together
and what we
can be tomorrow.
I love you
for ignoring
my foolish side
and for seeing
the good in me
that others
never noticed.
I love you for
the warmth you
put in my heart
and for the beauty
you put in my soul.
I love you,
because you
make me happy
in a way that
nothing and no one
else can.
I love you,
because you're
my dearest.
And I just wanted
to remind you
just how much
I love you!

And a little side story..U see this pic below?This is the sakai picture of me focusing on trying to poke the coconut filling out as i really like to eat them..I hate this pic..Totally hate it and he got the whole bunch of it plus the videos of me torturing that coconut..Jahat..The whole story of the day is to never wear sakai's clothes when i go out with him coz even though he kept telling me that i'm pretty and don't really care what i wear when i'm out with him, he will try to take pictures without me noticing to show how 'cute' i am in my sakai attire..huhu..but still thanx syg for everything..I'm totally happy with u..Thanx for still saying i'm pretty although i'm not in my best looks..Thanx for juz simply accepting..Thanx sbb sudi layan karenah sayang walaupun demam2 n sakit2..

i love u sayang..i juz simply do..



btw, kaklin da change my blog url
no longer private

shidah said...

ok dokey..make sure this tyme none of the other lecs know about it k??

LoNgJaR said...

yeay..!! finally i know u is ur sayang.. (^_^)

LoNgJaR said...

typo.. *who is ur sayang..

mashi said...

hahaha..mcm2la ajar ni..nnti kalau jododh aku panjang ngan die insyaallah ko kenal jugak..tp ko dgn ariff tu mesti dulu..tu y penting..

LoNgJaR said...

bile lak aku ngn ariff ni??
xtau pon..??

white.cempaka said...

aja ngan ariff?!!
wow~! tataw puwn...
ooo..aja...rupe2 nye...

LoNgJaR said...

sila jgn membuat apa2 konklusi..
aku pon xtau apsal mashi menggosip liarkan aku ngn arif..ish3