Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On the road to madinah..

Arrival in jeddah airport..
 A little tea break..it was freakishly cold..
us in our madinah suit..

in front of qiblatain mosque..wear the face cover due to the intensity of the sunlight although the weather was cold..look like thief but who cares..skin treatment is more important..hehe

On jabal Uhud..

Getting ready for ihram..That's y i'm in white..
Dates market..If u want to shop for dates and sweets u better come here rather than at the dates farm..
Jabal rahmah at the wuquf area..The location where prophet adam met his lover n wife hawa..very romantic don't u think..

Well that's a little bit of madinah..no pictures of nabawi mosque as camera was restricted there..but i do manage to take some pictures with my phone..i'm juz too lazy to transfer it..sorry guys..

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