Tuesday, April 13, 2010

what should i do when goodbye finally comes?

i had this friend of mine..we had our times together..sharing,caring,laughing n crying n we had been pretty closed to each other..she is on of my best friends.though we seems apart now but sometimes a true friend will always remain to be friend till the end of time..we changed stories..sometimes we can find lots of similarities between us..especially on boys..back then we used to have admirers n often together we sit n discuss on what to do about them..pretty funny when i think back about it..until form four she met her soulmate..also from our school..the boy...erm he was okay..pretty quite compare to her i think..but they seems happy and that was what actually matters..
high school ended n she further her study in morocco while the boy stays here in uia..still they were together till i got a shocking news finding out that they was finally engaged n going to get married by the end of this year..i was excited..they were going to be the first one in our batch who get married..
until today..i got another shocking news..unfortunately this one was not a happy one..the boy died in an accident while i was doing my umrah..i can't stop my tears from falling..she must be in great pain i can do nothing about it..
n it kept me thinking..
like her i'm too have someone i'm deeply in love now..we r very happy together n i felt like there's no one more right for me than him..if i got a genie wish on what my future husband will be like,i will only wish for him..he's already perfect for me..but as much as i love him and want him to be my soulmate forever what can stop god from taking him..we're just an insignificant being in this world who had no power against what he had assigned upon us..
imagining my life without him was unbearable..without him by my side i'll be completely soulless. they will be an aching emptiness inside me that seems to be impossible to fill. i'd already endure 16 days and it was hell.what if it was forever..no more anything from him..like reaching for a shadow u'll never be able to grip..n i can't even imagine how my friend could have endure all that..
what if one day it's my turn n there's nothing i can do to stop it?what should i do?
what should i do when goodbye finally comes??

dear god,please give us strength..give us strength to endure everything that u put us through..

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