Monday, May 10, 2010

My first experience in the labour room..

I can't sleep yesterday and i have no appetite what so ever..Not to mention i am also in my period..These cost me to feel slightly unwell today..At 10 am this morning my sister went to the clinic for a check up and was immediately warded as she was already 5 cm wide open..My parents  went to the clinic at noon and as i was unwell i didn't go with them..but around 1.30 pm my conscious hit me as i feel like i need to be there..So i got ready and drove myself to the clinic..Luckily we have an extra car in my house..
Once i were there i asked my abg wan's mother for the location of my sis n my mom..As she said my mother was in the labour room i went there in every intention juz to say "hey sis,how's it going now?" and get out as soon as i can(i'm fainthearted, i don't like seeing much blood n hate seeing people in pain)..As i got into the room the first thing i noticed was my sis writhing in pain n my brother in law standing beside her holding her hand to give her support..
"Who is this?"a nurse in guard asked when she saw me n only then did i noticed her..
"My sister.."I heard my sis answered weakly..
"R u married?"This time the question was aimed to me n i shook my head as answer..
"I don't care if u r married or not..We need as much support as we could..She is closed to having her baby..So can u stand by the other side of the bed n hold his leg to keep it from closing while she pushed?"
How could i say no??
God,there's so much blood..Seriously i really don't want to watch it so i try to avert my eyes but the longer i was there,it's impossible for me not to see it as i was situated at her leg n need to hold it tight..
I was so close to tears..Seeing her in so much pain n exhaustion made me feel very helpless..I also feel fainted as there was so much blood,n i was also very tired n don't have much energy as i haven't eaten anything since yesterday..Especially when the doctor had to cut her open..I cringed n kept my legs tight together watching it..
After seeming like forever i could see the baby's head coming out..N after one final strong push the baby came all the way out and let out a hearty cry..God it was magical..So i quickly grabbed my camera to take her first picture(the pic above) ever n the doctor seems to be sporting enough to hold her in position till i was done..
My little niece was so beautiful..She is a miracle..Though i was shaken from the experience i couldn't stop my tears from falling when i saw with my own eyes the first time she opened her eyes to the world..

n i how long for the moment to have mine..

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LoNgJaR said...

congrats auntie mashi..(^_^)~~