Saturday, May 29, 2010

Special entry for mama..

today is 29th may.meaning that ur birthday had juz ended...i know there's absolutely hundred percently slim chance that u'll find my blog(i do kept praying that u won't find this blog hehe) yet to read about it still i think u r more than deserve an entry that is made specially about u..
what should i say about u?
hmm...let me think..let me think..
okay i got it!!
we fought a lot..yes we do juz admit it..we couldn't agree on the simplest thing..i'm hotheaded n moody while u r sensitive and noisy(yup u babble quite a lot)..u always made wrong conclusion about me n i always think u r unrasional(though sometimes way later i'll always find u were always right)..
u r always there for matter what and when u r always there..even when u were disagree with me..even when i've hurt u,u r always there..whenever i was sick even juz if i got the tiniest flu u'll be worried sick about me..whenever i was hurt u'll be the one who cried for me..u r always trying to do ur best in giving me whatever i wanted..n i know deep inside in my heart that ur only wish is to see me happy..u r definately the world's best mother ever..the highest compliment in my heart is for u..only u..

and even though i'm not the world's best daughter i do love u very much..

me too always want u to b happy...

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