Monday, June 7, 2010

A trip to Lanchang..

Who knows a little town in Pahang could be very much entertaining..Well i don't..not until i go there n found out by my own..
Our first visit once we arrive in Lanchang was Deerland..With Rm6 per entry i can tell u that it was more than worth it..We can interact with the animals there as long as we want..We could feed them, touch them, hug them n even play with them..But only for those who has guts..In my case let us juz say my girl mates prefer human being better..hehe..

These were only some of the deer there..u can see hadi was feeding them..It was scary at first as the deers were all approaching u at the same time trying to get to the food but after a few moment u'll get the hang of was actually fun..

I'm the only one who has the guts n seem to be excited enough playing and touching the snake..

Me and Aina with the bear while hanif n hadi only watched from far..chicken..

After deerland we went straight to Hadi's house as our stomach was crying to be filled..Her mom's cook was just superb..His mom's gulai lemak cili api was unbeatable..Not to mention how i dream to have a village like his..It was so peaceful,real live kampung view surrounded by fruit tree..What a nice way for my children to play around don't u think?

Zalila and Aina as the Hadi'e house veranda's models...

Me at Kebun Salak..Just behind his house..

My first time seeing n eating salak fruit fresh from the was sweet n very nice..

After Zohor we went to Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary..We won't have to pay for any activities here..What we need is just an online booking before coming..Sort of informing the host that we want to visit their place.. 

Me,Bariah n Aina riding the elephant..At first it was a  little scary as we were high above the ground and the elephant's back bones were moving while it was walking that made us feel like were a about to thrown away..But after u quite use to it,it is quite thrilling..definitely a must try experience..

Don't be fool by our smiles..The place stinks..

Bathing with elephant activity..First they let u ride on the elephant then the elephant fall bringing u in the water..It was fun..All the water splashing around..u could also help in bathing the elephant..

us at the river side..

Overall the trip was exciting..We were exhausted but the trip was definitely worth it..can't wait for the next trip..any ideas guys??

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