Saturday, June 5, 2010

One satisfying journey..

I planned a 2 hours trip to Kuala Gandah Lanchang with my friends..Since i was in charge of the breakfast i brought 2 tins of Rice Crisp Mr Potato with us..I knew it was a little cruel on my part..i was suppose to bring more of filling type of food but hey when is the righter time to do the the experiment??hehe..

U can see her piss-off-of-having-to-eat-snacks-for-breakfast-while-she-is-suppose-to-be-on-diet kind of expression..If only looks can kill..I do take a huge risk with my experiment..

but after a while...
"erm this thing is good..satisfying too..n since it's 20% less fat n contains no cholestrol n trans fat free i guess it was actually ok for my diet.."she says after munching a few pieces n keep munching..

We just can't stop munching Rice Crisp by Mr Potato..They were just too good..
Big satisfying smile on them after snacking on Mr potato Rice Crisp..
Once we arrive at our destination..We were no longer hungry thanx to Rice Crisp..little Aina didn't even want to let it go..
I stole the tin from Aina..I mean me too have the right to pose with Rice Crisp Mr Potato since it was my idea to bring them along with us..Right?

Rice Crisp by Mr Potato was genuinely satisfying..I mean it can fill us in the longer journey without having to stop in some RnR to take our breakfast..
The taste will linger in ur mouth after the first byte and without knowing u keep munching on so that the taste won't go away..
i do still remember the disappointment when they were actually finish..not even a single crisp left by us.
 u can keep munching on without having to feel any guilt for ur diet too..what an extra..
Rice Crisp Mr Potato is definitely a must for every journey..What else is a better way to fill ur long tiring journey than munching off fabulicious,satisfying,20% less fat,cholestrol and trans fat free, Rice Crisp Mr Potato..
Available in 4 different uniquely flavour..Hurry and grab one now..

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syahliezza said...

kuang asam ko mashi..!!!!
suke ati ko je ngumpat aku kat sni ye!!