Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a story of one red rose..

Today i can't stop smiling...
all my life i think that flower is never an appropriate gift..
i mean yes they are usually very beautiful n have nice smells..
but they can't be kept for long..after a while they will die..
i don't think i would like to receive a gift that dies..
until today..
until him...
once i got in the car looking at him this morning he shocked me with a rose in his hand..
i was speechless..well if u know my guy,my guy is definitely not a romantic type..
he is insensitive,very frank with his words that sometimes the words stung and quite harsh sometimes..
he was also the best thing that ever happened to me in so many ways..
and i'm happy for his gift..
especially today when i was lately constantly in a bad mood..
n often treated him badly itching for a fight..
still he rewarded me with gallantry..
for some people a rose might means nothing..
but for me that particular rose he gave me is everything..
thanx syg..
for everything that u have done for me..
n for being here by my side..
i love mohd aizat baharin very much..

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