Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dinner at Sushi King

My first outing since i got admitted was to Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur..As the time is almost 8.30 and i was starving for food, me and Hadi started wandering around for a place to eat..something differrent he said..So we chose Sushi King..
I think the food there is quite nice..I mean it's foreign to the tongue but mouthwatering indeed..

This is my rice with piri piri chicken set..It contains a bowl of rice(although the rice is in small portion but it was very filling as it contains lots of starch that made the texture soft and sticky), some egg pudding thingy(i don't remember waht it was called sorry) that taste like mushroom soup(got chicken,crab n mushroom in it),seaweed soup(which at first i can't even stomach it but after a while i found that it was rather good) and of course piri piri chicken that taste really was deep fried chickens that has soft texture n rich in sauce..
This one is Adie's with beef yakiniku  rice has the same thing as mine apart from the beef yakiniku..his set is also very nice as the beef is soft n rich in flavour.
piri piri chicken
beef yakiniku
this one i can't remember what it was called but it contains some deep fried chicken with sauce and mayonnaise.
this sushi is my was a must for me everytime i go to sushi king..California maki.

i guess the price was worth it as we went out from there with a full stomach and fun dining experience..with all those free hot green tea refill..hehe..

ps:thanx Adiey for being such a sport..

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