Friday, July 23, 2010

Hanging out in KLCC

This is us..The main role of today's event..

As i was free of classes today i went out to see my ex roommate Nuyui..Damn she had lost weight..really made me feel that i should have taken my diet seriously by now..hehe..We took our breakfast me with my beef lasagna n chicken mcmuffin(about the diet thingy maybe later i guess) n her with her chicken rice..we chatted for a while updating our status and gladly i want to share with the world that our Nurul is no longer available to be taken.Congrats..U deserve to be happy sis.
After that we did a little shopping(more to her buying all of the stuffs n me watching trying to drag her away from the store actually) while waiting for her friend to come.
Shopping with Nurul was a terrifying experience especially for me who hadn't get my loan yet for this sem..She almost shocked my heart out when she easily bought a RM200 Armani Exchange cap for her beloved..What a lucky guy her beloved is..Not to mention the other gift she bought and her clothes..God when will i have that much money..Sorry sayang even if i got that much money still i won't buy you a Rm200 cap..Yup i'm a cheapskate.But if u are being super nice to me i might buy you something that almost quite look like it at Petaling Street..hehe..
Around 12 pm her friend called Hani arrived..At first she walked blindly through us and immediately the first question i blurted out to her is "ko rabun ek" haha..she look rather cute and funny that way.She's fun n easy going that made me comfortable spending my tyme with her..
Then we chose Sorcerer's apprentice as our movie pick..I was excited as i had never watch movie in KLCC before because it was always packed with people..If u like Harry Potter n disney kind of movie the movie is very nice indeed..Very relaxing and stress relieving.
Since i was craving for sushi king i asked them to accompany me there..Again piri2 chicken is my pick n i was glad when Hani n Nurul enjoyed it too..I mean i won't get this chance with Aizat..Anything that contains fish just doesn't go very well with his throat..The result of too much eating drowned fish when he was in his boarding school days he says..

One big breakfast i had..Taking revenge of yesterday's hunger..hehe..too bad i can't finish them all..At last the sausage mcmuffin that was suppose to be my breakfast turned out to be my dinner instead..haha
Nurul n Hani..seyes nurul dh kurus...

Hani n her vibrating cloth..haha..

me n Hani..banyak chemistry kot sbb sekejap je dh bleh masuk..

i had my fun..tribute to Hani n Nurul..U guyz rocks!! i hope u had fun in Melaka too darling..till later..ciaou..


boncet_gumuk said...

akak shida nmpk gumuk larh ?
terlebih mkn kerh ?
huahaha ..
nway oliday nmpk epy ..
kak follow me

Shidah said...

hahaha..xpe gemuk janji maintain cute..dh follow balik..gdluck pmr..

boncet_gumuk said...

yerh kak <3
akak mmg cute pown :))
tengss kak :))