Sunday, July 18, 2010

My battery charger..

I was completely overwhelm by fatigue this week as i juz came back from BTN n hadn't taken any rest yet for the whole week..My whole body is aching like hell...Though my body was screaming for rest still my heart is dying to see him again...Truly i missed him..We hadn't see each other for a long time..
A few days ago Al my ex roommate contacted me..She gave me the shockingest news ever.."Mashi...Abun dh kurus!!!"A sentence that i hated most..I've been striving so hard to keep him growing(since it was impossible to get taller it's fine by me to make him wider hehe..) that the news of him getting thinner crushed on me..
So with the little strength left i found my way to see him n the first thought occurred to me when i saw him was 'Al lupe nk pakai contack lens kot' followed by 'napelah baju y die pakai ni buruk sgt..teruk betul taste die'..hehe..but when i saw his smile damn i felt like i was sweet..I'm glad that he was still cute and adorable as the last tyme i saw him..
Seeing him again made me feel like i'm being recharged again..He made me happy in a way no one else could..We talked we laugh n all the stress seems to fade away..Thanx syg..right now i feel like i can conquer the world u..


nana arizona said...

heppy for u ;).
napelah mr boyfie kite tak penah pun nakwat entry psl kite... jelesh ;)..

masyi kat ne skrang?
stil kat pj?

mashi said...

x..dah duduk bangsar..jom hangout..tgh free lg skrg ni..