Tuesday, February 1, 2011

There's nothing wrong in expressing urself using ur own words n style..

I love blogs..Even when i didn't write one i still love to blogwalking, reading interesting stories that others want to share. There are some good stories with superb writing skills that u can find none grammatical errors whatsoever that u can't help urself to admire it and there's superb stories with broken language, purposely misspelled words but still the post managed to be one of the most enjoyable one i ever read..

The point is, a great blog doesn't have to be one with perfectly written grammar..yes, sometimes the correct usage of grammar is important as it will help the reader in getting a clear understanding of the post written, but as long as the meaning reach the reader, who cares if the writer purposely misspell words to be seen as cute or just because they are more comfortable in spelling it that way..it's their blog, it's their way of writing and if there's people who judge other people just for how they spell the words in their blogs,they are definitely one small minded people indeed.

Blog is a medium for one person to share things or used to express feelings.. It's not fair to say that bloggers who purposely misspell words or don't use correct usage of grammar as language destroyer or criticized them just for doing so, blog is suppose to be one's personal way of writing.. They are free to use whatever methods or spelling they want, even by putting their own style in it.

Just because one don't have excellence knowledge of writing doesn't mean that one should stop from doing so and blog allow us to do just that,writing without worrying that it won't be published for the lack of language knowledge..

So people keep writing..Don't mind those small minded people who only know to judge people by spellings and language usage..Don't be intimidated by other great blogs who has thousands of fans and comments for each post..Ur blog is suppose to be about you..Feel free to share anything u like and write it in ur own words and style..U too have right to blog out ur ideas.

I'll be waiting for ur next posts..jia you!


zalilazailan said...

wah2...long time no see...hehe..

mashi_amie said...

haha..ko la sombong..aku ajak kuar xmo datang..aku windu sama kamu...

Aya (restricted to blood-related only =P n close friends) said...

thats very inspiring as always nothing less from my dearest loved one.

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