Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just warming up..

This blog has been so long outdated..It's not like nothing interesting happens it's just that there's so many things going on that i feel like there's no time for me to write it all out..Just tonight i feel like writing..Maybe i should post about the delicious lasagna my aunt just made for me today..Her lasagna taste better every time i eat it..Or my precious niece Auni and her antiques..Or about my new part time as a cashier?or how living in Kuala Lumpur for the last 3 years feels like?Or about my relationship with Aizat that grows with time(yup me and him is still together so if u r expecting my story with some different hunks u r totally going to be disappointed)?Or about study that i've crammed n juggled everything so that it's become shorter??Or maybe i should just go to sleep and start writing up my blog by tomorrow..I guess the last one is the one that i ought to be doing..So night lads..Wish u have a pleasant dreams..